2012 Resolutions

I originally started this post in the early morning of 1/1/2012.

I am a half hour into 2012 and I can’t help but find myself reflecting on the past year and what I hope to change and/or accomplish in the next twelve months.

I’ve never been a big fan of resolutions.  Isn’t the joke that they are made to be broken?   But I can’t deny there are things that I must resolve to accomplish.

Overall 2011 wasn’t a bad year.  I quit my job, went back to school, traveled to Europe…just to name a few things.  However, the last month of 2011 sucked in so many ways.   My best friend quit speaking to me, new issues with Beav came up, and events that have only recently occurred in the past few days have caused me to wonder where life is going to take me next.

A few short months ago I would have told you that I was happier than I’ve ever been.  I would have told you that I was in a place of light and love and I was often overwhelmed by my new ability to love others more easily.  I was in a place where I trusted others.  Unfortunately now I find myself in a different place and I’m not sure what is going to happen next.

I’ve always prided myself on being brutally honest in my blog.  I’ve always been willing to share the ugly truth and have never tried to blog in a way that makes my life (or me) look any different than it really is.  However, there have been events that have occurred in my life during the past year and specifically the past week that I can’t discuss here.  I hope that any readers understand and respect this limitation.

What does any of this really have to do with resolutions?  Not a lot I guess except that depending on what life has in store for me some of these resolutions might be impossible if not unrealistic.

So here goes –

The first two will seem a little bit contradictory but just hang in there.

Adhere to a schedule – since leaving my job and returning to school you would think I would have more time to get things done.  However, it seems like I never do.  I have a list a mile long of things I want to do or take care of and I never make a dent in it.  I think this is because I have not been good at time management.   This week I sat down and worked out a schedule that included time for homework, time to exercise, time to work on some of my goals, etc.  It’s fairly structured but I do well with structure.  I’m hoping this helps me accomplish a lot this year.

Enjoy my downtime – I always feel like I’m playing catch up.  If I can stick with my first resolution then I should be able to enjoy the time I haven’t scheduled.  With the exception of kickboxing I’ve left my weekends and evenings free to just relax and enjoy time with my family, loved ones, and friends.

Complete Projects – There are some projects that I’ve wanted to take care of involving my home and my family that are always on the back burner.  Three specific ones I want to tackle and take care of in the first six months of the year:

  1.  Work on our family tree
  2. Create a recipe database for all of my recipes that I’ve collected and accumulated.
  3. Organize the chaos contained in the boxes under my desk (this is all work related material I brought home when I left my job, still in boxes.  FOUR OF THEM).
  4. Organize the china – three boxes of three different patterns, enough said.

Get my Nonprofit up and running – I haven’t discussed here what this is about.  Planning on spending the first few months of the year doing research and background on my concept.  Would like to see me obtain nonprofit status by this time next year.

Travel – Last summer I took advantage of my downtime and took a road trip to Canada.  This year I would like to do more of the same, including weekend trips to cities I want to see again such as Portland and Seattle.

Stay in School – Even if I end up going back to work I want to be sure I don’t quit school.  Even if it means I take one night, weekend, or online class a semester I want to keep at it.  By this time next year I should have transferred to a four year university.

Learn/try new things – Maybe not new, maybe I should relabel this as revisit.  On the agenda – cooking classes, horseback riding, archery.

Continue to be a good friend– More lunches, dinners, and thoughtful gestures.

Get back to volunteering – I miss volunteer work.  I would like to be active again in a volunteer based organization.

This is just a short list of what I want to accomplish this year.  I’m sure I’ll add more to it.  I think it’s a good start.


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