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Now I really do have a hole in my head

My trip home was fabulous and I do not have any good reason for not updating. monroe, gone. While eating popcorn on Tuesday evening, I caught the end on my tooth and ripped it out from underneath. Needless to say it was extremely unpleasant. It began to close up immediately on the inside, still a bit scabbed over on the outside. I’m not sure I’ll get it pierced again. I’ve been told by one piercer that they can’t re pierce the same site and would have to do the other side. Not sure I want to do that.

I must say that it was the first time since I’ve lived here that I’ve returned to Long Beach and thought of it as home. Northern California just isn’t my home anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a hick, redneck, country girl, all those terms people love to use to describe me. But, this is my home. Albeit temporary until Hubby retires.

I can’t even begin to tell you how wonderful it was to spend time with the boys. God, I miss them so much.

Since I’ve been home, I’ve done nothing but eat and be lazy. And I didn’t go back to kickboxing until Friday. Yesterday was my first sparring day in two weeks, which is why I can barely move. In addition, my knee hurts like hell and one of the trainers finally pulled me out of sparring after an hour. Perhaps it was the limping or constant grimace on my face that concerned him.

Recently I complained to hubby that Ive been overly frustrated with the fact that everything we do, I plan. Since then, he’s really stepped it up. Be careful what you wish for, because I’m exhausted! lol. On Thursday we went to a fundraiser at a local restaurant. I really didn’t want to go. I was having a total fat day, nothing looked good, etc, etc. However, I’m so glad we went. I saw a lot of friends, some of them I haven’t seen in awhile. And they all seemed genuinely happy to see me, which was really nice. While I was active in the OA’s I attended a lot of events like this and got to know a lot of “important” people in the city. I’ve been out of that world for a long time and I think I miss it. It was rather enjoyable to walk around, work the room, and reacquaint myself with those I haven’t seen in awhile.

Originally we had nothing planned for the weekend, however now between hubby planning and my own plans, it’s gone nuts.

Friday, concert in the park with Kitten and another friend.

Saturday, originally had a party scheduled but the bitch cancelled. Sigh. We went to see Dark Knight at IMAX instead, FABULOUS.

TODAY – shortly we’re heading off to OC Fair so we can watch MMA fight. (obviously my idea, not hubbys). I love to go to the fair. It is people watching heaven for white trash. This year my goal is pictures of mullets and fabulous fried food of course.

Speaking of pics, I took this one while in Northern California. Apparently someone doesn’t understand where the decimal point is suppose to go.

I just read what I typed. I’m all over the place. Maybe I should outline from now on. Sigh.

You’re not a man, you’re a mannequin.

I’m writing this from my hometown of Rocklin, California. My family moved here when I was thirteen and I lived here until I married my first husband. It use to be a pretty small town but over the years it’s grown and become a real suburb of Sacramento. I can’t help but get nostalgic whenever I’m here though.

As I write this I’m waiting for my girl, KV, to show up. KV and I have been friends since the first day of high school. For those of you not keeping track that was a LONG time ago. We were supposed to be joined by my friend MH, but he just called to tell me he couldn’t make it.

MH was my “first.” Yep, twenty-one years ago we had a relationship that went nearly two years. It was everything that you could ask for a relationship in the sticks. Lost my virginity in a field next to a KOA campground. For the record, both the field and the campground are still there. Our relationship involved finding new places to have sex, football games, dirt biking, hanging out with friends, and we worked together. Our breakup was not enjoyable, but then when are they? My heart was seriously broken for a long time.

After I married my ex-husband MH and I became friends again and we’ve been close ever since.

Neither one of my husbands has ever had an issue with MH and I being friends. It’s kind of hard to believe anything is going on between us once you’ve seen us together. There just isn’t any chemistry.

But there are great, awesome memories. We went down memory lane a bit tonight while on the phone. We’ve both decided that even though we are now more experienced we still had a lot of fun together. We also talked about how incredibly stupid we were. Birth control = pull out method. I’m still shaking my head trying to figure out how we didn’t get in trouble.

Last but not least we talked about how thankful we were and even though it didn’t work out we are both so happy that it happened.

I tend to get very pensive when I come home. For some reason trips home really center me. I never realize how homesick I am until I get here. Today I almost burst into tears when I stepped off the airplane. Things have been so crazy in my head lately. Sometimes I truly believe I just don’t know how to be happy. How seriously fucked up is that? And the reality is I have so much in my life to be grateful for. I am so blessed in so many ways and yet so many times I fail to realize it.

I have two beautiful> children, friends that I love and adore and they love and adore me. And last, but not least a husband that thinks I’m as near to perfect as a person can be.

A guy I know from high school owns a tattoo/piercing parlor here. (stay with me, this is relevant). I had been wanting a new piercing and today got a Monroe (beauty mark). BTW. hurts. I called hubby to let him know. He’s not a big fan of the piercings and when I asked if he was ok with it he reminded me that it’s my body. I reminded him that it is on my face and what if he found it was repulsive. His response? “There’s nothing you can do to your face to make me love it less.”


They don’t yell batter batter anymore

It’s been a really great weekend. Friday night I went out with some of the girls to a concert in the park. We really didn’t listen to the music, but sat and gabbed all evening. I was home by 9pm. That’s how exciting my Friday nights are folks.

Saturday I took my kickboxing class but skipped out on sparring. The pain in my knee has become worse and I have an appointment with the doc tomorrow. I probably could have sparred but I just wasn’t feeling up to it. I feel guilty about it now because I will be gone next weekend and that means two weeks of no sparring.

We also went to my nephew’s baseball game, he is in the finals or something like that. I’m so not up on my baseball lingo. Watched his game today and yesterday. It was nice to spend some time with hubby’s family. It’s kind of sad that we’ve been in this house for a year and this is the first time they’ve been over.

We went to a wine tasting party last night and I got pretty drunk. I wasn’t falling down in the place, but once I got in the car it was a rough ride home. I was hoping that once I got home hubby and I could engage in some wild drunken sex. I’m in the restroom, brushing my teeth, preparing for wild sex and I come out to see hubby getting dressed. He got called into work, so I crawled into bed and promptly passed out. I feel bad for hubby though, he didn’t get back home until 4am and then got up at 7am. He’s pretty wiped out.

That’s pretty much I got for now.

The Postman Actually Rings Once

It was sitting there with the mail. The result’s of Einstein’s AP test. He didn’t pass. He did receive a 2, which is better than a 1, which is the lowest score. You need at least a three to have the class considered for college credit. The hardest part was calling him and telling him. He was very disappointed and I had to spend a lot of time reminding him that a)it was his first AP test EVER and 2)AP world history is the hardest AP test.

The hardest part for me was seeing the part of the transcript that listed the college his score was sent to. I understand that he’s college bound, we talk about it all the time, but seeing it in print. It was a reminder that I have two years left with him. He only had one college listed, his first choice, the Air Force Academy. Hell, at least it’s close (Colorado).

At least there was also money in the mail. I received a check from the mother of the girl that ran into my car last week. Hubby felt it was better to handle things without the insurance company since the scratches can be buffed out.

Also, received an overdue check from my second job. Lately, it’s taking my boss forever to send me my checks. In the past if I had a party on Saturday, the order was in her hands by Thursday and I had a check within a week. Lately, it’s been two weeks. Business is definitely down right now. Apparently when the economy suffers people don’t want to buy sex toys. I hope it picks up soon because Beav starts private school in six weeks and I have no idea how I’ll be paying for it.

Plus, I get some kind of twisted pleasure paying for Christian school by selling sex toys.

Purple is the new Tan

So, much to write about. Hubby and I decided to take off on Saturday and Sunday. We got a room in Ventura and drove down there Saturday afternoon. Did some wine tasting, some shopping (bought some really awesome lingerie) and then had a great dinner. Sunday, we did a little bit more browsing in downtown Ventura and then hit the Ronald Reagan Presidential library on the way out of town. Hubby had never been and Reagan is his favorite President. I’ve been there with the boys and really enjoyed it so I was looking forward to going back. We had a nice time and if you have a chance to visit you should.

The last time I was there they didn’t have Air Force One. I must admit it’s very humbling to walk on the same airplane that President Reagan used. Another one of my favorite parts of the Library is the obvious evidence of the love and devotion that Ronald and Nancy Reagan had for each other. It’s truly overwhelming. As much as I love my husband I can’t imagine being that much in love with someone.

It was nice to get away even though we spent way too much money:)

Onto other news. I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it here yet but I’ve added MMA to my kickboxing schedule. For those not in the “know” MMA is Mixed Martial Arts. The reason I like it is because it’s something different every time. Different types of martial arts with every class. I’m now averaging 10 hours a week of kickboxing/martial arts and it’s really starting to show. I’ve dropped a pant size woohoo, more shopping) and I think my waistline is coming back.

Last Saturday I had my first real sparring session. I fought another female who has fought in fight nights before. We did two rounds and she pretty much kicked my ass in the first one. The second round I did much better but we had to call it a draw because she was injured. Not by anything I did, but she overextended her arm and hurt her elbow. She mentioned tonight that I gave her a run for her money in the second round as I like to charge once the bell is rung. With her, it’s important that you get close because she’s a kicker. Trust me I have the massive leg bruises to show for it. Who needs a tan when your legs are covered with lovely shades of purple and yellow. Females overall are kickers because that’s where we tend to have more of our strength. I was able to get a few good kicks in myself. My trainer watched and had some positive comments but I definitely have a lot of work to do.

Other than that things here are quiet. I miss the boys so much and can’t wait until I see them (less than two weeks). I’m looking forward to a trip home as I tend to get more homesick during the summer. I think it’s because summers at home were always such an awesome time for me and I miss a lot of the things I use to do. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was up north hanging with friends, partying on the river, boating, going to demolition derbys, etc. It’s hard to believe I’ve been here six years now. I must admit that even though I’ve dealt with a lot of shit, I have had such a blessed life.

Bruised and battered…and the car too

Dear body, I understand that starting a kickboxing and MMA regime shortly before turning 40 probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, however, the aches and pains….it’s getting old. Knee braces, ankle wraps, wrist wraps, gel packs…sigh. Instead of using icepacks I’m considering just filling the tub with ice and immersing myself in it on a daily basis. Blue is the new black. I’m just saying…please toughen up a bit. After November 7, you can fall apart all you want. Love, Me

Dear R@und Table Pizza and the delivery driver who hit my car, I appreciate that you, delivery driver, left a note on my car advising that you had hit it the other night. However, we had to leave three messages and then say the magical words “police department” before you called back. At that time you advised us that it was your mother’s car and we had to speak to her. So, we left her a message. No return call. Today we visited your employer, Round Table. The manager didn’t seem to be aware of the accident and assured us that the owner would call back today. That hasn’t happened yet. I hope the two of you get together soon and make nice or I will be forced to become far more mean and ugly and I already am. Love, Owner of a now scraped up Chrysler