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Why I Love My Friends

I posted this on Facebook on Christmas Eve. The conversation went strong through Monday evening. I have the strangest but coolest friends. Me: I am on my second Sookie Stackhouse book and I am already torn between Eric and Bill 3 at the same time…..

Kris Both are hot…..

Cindy I have to agree. Why choose one?

Me Greedy Cindy,.I love it!

Dawn The books are so much better and different than the show. I love Sookie with Eric.

Kris What is wrong with greedy, I would take both at the same time….

Sarah While I am firmly entrenched on Team Bill, something about the deviousness of Eric…

Me Hmmmmm. But what about the werewolf?

Me Just realized I sound like the crazy people who argue over the dudes from Twilight. Send help

Cindy Alcide is hot too. :) he’s a bit to much of an emotional mess for me though.

Kris Omg, I forgot about the hunky werewolf. Ok I will have all

Me Yummy, me too

Sarah Can’t handle all three at the same time Kris. Can we arrange a swop out?

Cindy You know I think Alcide would just dampen the mood. He’s way to me me me – and when there’s three other people involved – you can’t have a me person… I’m just sayin’.

Me True Cindy. He wouldn’t play well with others

Cindy Now I’m not saying you can’t have him too – just not at the same time as Eric and Bill.

Sarah You know we have problems right? That being said, who would you take first: Bill, Eric or Alcide? Cindy I’m ok with having problems. It’d be Eric hands down.

Me Yes, BUT, would you let him bite you, because by the time you got to the third one you’d be all kinds of worn out. BTW..hubby thinks we’re all weird

Sarah Hubby should know this by now. Should not be just thinknig.

Sarah See I would go with Bill first. Eric would be selfish on the draining which means you are worn out for number two. Alcide is second because he does not drian. Go Eric for the finale.

Me that’s what I was thinking. Eric would have to be last. And what a way to go. YUMMY

Kris Ok girls. As a dominant, the men would have to do as I say, after I have had what I wanted from them… You can chose which one you want afterwards. Not selfish at all

Me Whatever. My FB page, my rules lol. I go first

Kris Once you post it, you share it..

Cindy Lol!! My thinking is you go for Eric first because you want the most energy for the best – then Alcide- and then Bill. Have the least possessive one last so the other two know you aren’t their property.

Cindy Besides then its like a vampire sandwich with werewolf filling. Kris Yum….

Me Have I mentioned how much I love you people?

Sarah right back a you diva! Monday at 8:58pm · Like

How I Spent My Christmas

Christmas and Your Help Requested

I am hoping everyone had a great Christmas. I noticed that an overwhelming theme in a lot of the blogs I read was a loss of Christmas spirit. I’m saddened to know that there are so many others that struggle this time of year but relieved that I’m not the only one.

We were very blessed this year to have an opportunity to travel to Palm Springs for the holiday. It was a little weird at first..celebrating Christmas in the dessert where people are wearing shorts. But we made it work. Of course we had to have a tree and we purchased a small white one with pink lights. We felt that it was the perfect touch for a Palm Springs Christmas.

We were gone for four days and it was so amazing. We laughed, talked, ate, watched movies and spent an obscene amount of time in the pool and hot tub. We shopped and ate some more.

My youngest stepdaughter came and spent one night and that was awesome. I sat outside in the hot tub and then later by the firepit with her and Einstein and we had some amazing conversations. I love the conversations I get to have with our adult children. What awesome individuals they are. I think I need to say awesome just one more time :)

I was so relaxed. There was no wifi in the house we rented, so no laptop…no logging into work, just reading, watching movies, and listening to music. I read three books which is more than I’ve read in months. It is quite obvious that as a family we need to do this more often. Hell, I need to do this more often.

We arrived home today. Had to deal with some drama, ugh, which I am so tired of. For the past two weeks (except for the days in Palm Springs) it has been one thing after another. I’m frustrated. I’m frustrated that an amazing trip can be almost negated by other crap that doesn’t need to be there. I’m irritated at myself for letting that other crap bother me.


But here is a question for you, my fellow bloggers. Last week I had a post that hurt someone’s feelings. It was quite unintentional on my part and while I hate apologizing for anything I blog about, I do feel bad that someone was hurt. I often blog about things that are going on in my life as a way to work those things out. Sometimes after I’ve worked them out there those things are nonissues and really don’t require any additional conversation. Other times I realize that they need attention and then I can take the appropriate steps to handle things.

I tend to be a very reactionary person so my blog is a way for me to prevent that. Even now I have a lot of things going on in my head. I want to be reactionary about some issues but I know it’s best to wait it out a bit. I digress though. My issue is that I blog honestly. My blog posts are rarely planned in advance and usually I’m just throwing up on the screen. I hate those times that I feel I have to censor myself so I won’t say the wrong thing. So, what do I do? What do you do?

Should I lock my blog? Should it be readable by invite only? Should I censor myself because God forbid someone get hurt by my words. And just for the record. I never called this individual out by name, but she recognized the situation and knew I was referring to her.

I’m really stuck on this so any advice would be appreciated.


The Ears Have It

Today Beav finally had his surgery. We are hoping that this will restore his hearing in his left hear. We won’t know for awhile. He came out of it feeling super nauseated even though they had given him medication ahead of time to try to counteract that. However, the nurses explained because the surgery involves his inner ear it makes the ability to gain your equilibrium even harder. At one point I thought he never would stop throwing up.

Fair warning the last pic is a bit bloody:

Beav just arrived at the surgery center. He’s feeling good.

Starting to get into “character”

The nurse kept complimenting me on how well Beav was handling everything. Since this was his fourth surgery he is a pro. IV, no problem.

The surgery involved taking skin from behind his ear and using it to graft the hole in his eardum.

Beav is now resting comfortably on the couch and looking a million times better. At one time today his lips were gray and not pretty. His pain has diminished quite a bit and we’re hoping it stays that way.

Either way he’s a trooper.

I seriously encourage you to never contact me again

As I mentioned yesterday I’ve been dealing with drama. What is with people? Let’s take person number one. This is a person that I haven’t seen in several months and even then it was at a fundraiser. At one time she was a participant in our girlfriend dinners but she kind of went off the radar. Plus she was close to someone that significantly burned her bridges with me. That really normally isn’t an issue but there were lots of rumors going around, he said/she said kind of crap. Anyway, this particular person was on my twitter and facebook account although in reality I can’t say we were really friends any longer.

And this is a big gripe of mine. Occasional commenting on Facebook does not a friendship make. Facebook should really just be a compliment to a real friendship or a way to stay connected to someone that lives a distance away. It should never take the place of REAL FRIENDSHIP. So…if you and I only chat on Facebook and we never see each other in real life, even though we live five minutes away from each other, it’s not a REAL friendship. So imagine my surprise when I get this lengthy email on Facebook about how this person is hurt that she isn’t invited to the open house we had on Sunday night. I didn’t respond because I just didn’t think it was necessary. Plus I am blessed to not have that trait that forces me to have the last word.

On Monday when I checked this site I could see that she unfollowed me on twitter. If you’ve never used that site you’re losing out. It has a great call out feature and when I saw that she unfollowed me I used it. It said something along the lines of “not really concerned that insert name here unfollowed me, their loss, not mine.”

Wow, you should have seen the response I received to that. Do you know that if someone is not your friend on Facebook they can still email you? That’s seriously jacked up. And this email was worse than the one before. I mean it really bordered on something you would receive from someone that might not be all there, if you know what I mean.

I just don’t get it. This person and I have maybe spoken twice in ALL of 2010. That does not a friendship make.

I love social networking. I adore social networking. But it doesn’t take the place of real relationships. I wish more people would get that.

Enough of the drama already.

BTW…I did respond to the second email. The response to that email is the title of this entry.

Holiday Happenings

So much I could blog about, drama, drama, drama, UGH. But I’ll save that for later and one of the incidents…I’m not sure I should post about it here at all, we’ll see.

Anyways, last night was our annual open house. We have this same event every year the Sunday before Christmas (unless that would be the 24th). Last night I think we had the most people ever although it’s hard to tell. We have a small house so normally the inside of the house has lots of people and others take advantage of our large deck and front yard. However, this year it was POURING (for the first time at our party :(). So everyone was crammed in our home. One of the reasons why I refer to it as a holiday open house rather than a Christmas party is to motivate people to come and go.

Of course my good friends come and stay for the whole time (which I encourage them to do) but a lot of our acquaintances, employees, co-workers, come and go which is nice. It’s an interesting mix of people between the invites from me, hubby and the kids. Here are some pictures of people that mean a lot to me. I can’t believe that I didn’t get one pic of hubby and me during the entire party though. Completely unintentional.

These are my friends Erica (on my right )and Denise. Denise has been my BFF and was my opponent in my fight back in May.

These are my friends Brooke and Mike. Two people I love and respect so much.

Einstein’s friends were home from school and they came over to party with him.

My very good friend E and me. I love E! We have had lots of adventures together :)

Jessie and Andrew. Jessie convinced hubby to turn on the football game. She is a big cheesehead.

I was going to refer to these three as the ones I would call to bail me out of jail but I’m pretty sure they would be in there with me. My friend Sarah, Denise, and my friend and sister-in-law Kim.

This beautiful blonde is my stepdaugher. She has recently rejoined our family (I’ll have to blog about that) and I couldn’t be happier (in between bouts of anger at what kept her away, but more about that later). It’s nice to see hubby have at least one of his daughters around again. Plus she stayed and helped me clean up so she’s a keeper.

This year I hired a “taco girl” for lack of a better description. Best idea I’ve ever had. Took so much stress off of me. Anyone that asked if they could bring something, I encouraged desserts. And I handled some finger foods so really it was quite easier than years past when I’ve done all the food. Of course there was some stress. On Saturday morning Hercules was sprayed by a skunk right in the face, in our backyard. The smell was stuck in the house and was next to impossible to get out. We had the doors and windows open all day Saturday but it’s almost as if it’s in the carpets so now I have to call the chemdry dude. To top it off the pilot light in our water heater went out and hubby couldn’t get the damn thing to stay lit Our landlord is an ass. We finally had that replaced today but we ended up paying for it out of pocket and we’re docking the rent.

Did I say my landlord is an ass? Cuz he is.

Also when it rains this much water gets into one of our electrical circuits and hubby comes to me right before the open house to advise me that the circuit for the Christmas lights and the freezer went out. He can plug one of them into the house so which one did I want to pick. Well…the freezer would be okay for a few hours so I opted for the lights because seriously what’s an holiday open house without Christmas lights.

We had to put the poor taco girls out in the rain (I tipped them HUGE). Thanks to my sister in law we had two large easy ups that sheltered them very well but still it couldn’t have been fun for them.

Overall I think it went well considering the issues we were dealing with. Everyone keeps commenting on how relaxed I was and that I didn’t seem stressed out.

It was totally the wine.

This is my favorite pic from the evening:

Here’s all the pics

On to better things (I hope)

The holidays are here, like it or not. Are you ready? I never feel ready. Most of my holiday shopping is done although I still have a few things to purchase. The bulk of our holiday parties started this past weekend. To top it off hubby is retiring from the police department this week. Yep, no more PD. He’s been with the department for twenty-three years. He has accepted another position which he starts next month. He will be working for the federal government but no longer in a uniform or carrying a weapon. Well, he can carry a concealed weapon as a private citizen. Someone inferred today that it really wasn’t that big of a deal because hubby was leaving one job for another, just like anyone else does. But, it is a big deal. Retiring from public service is a huge deal.

My husband is leaving a job in which he was shot at, spit on, called horrible names and generally received a lot of abuse. He did so with dignity and always respected everyone he dealt with. I’m very proud with him. When he told me he was retiring the second thing he said was that he didn’t want a retirement party. Hubby hates attention (yet he married me go figure).

However my boss, when he’s not performing spine surgery is also a reserve police officer. Hubby used to be in charge of the reserves and my boss felt they would want to pay respect. So next thing you know my boss is offering to throw a small party at his house for hubby. WOW, how thoughtful and nice because seriously it’s the last thing I have time to do right now. It will be just some of the city’s current and past employees that have worked with, for, above John. It’s nice to let someone just handle everything. I’m normally not really good at doing that. But I’m getting better.

Today was also Beav’s birthday. My “baby” is fifteen years old. We didn’t have a lot planned because a couple of weeks ago when he got in trouble I pretty much cancelled all the plans. However this morning I relented a bit (with hubby’s prodding). We ended up at Knott’s Berry F@arm to take advantage of the cop and firefighter special they do during this month. Especially since next year hubby will no longer be an active member of the police department. We had a good time but seriously that place has just gotten so ghetto over the years. I found it hard sometimes to enjoy myself. When did it become okay to get in line and then hold a spot for another six people? This happened constantly and was so annoying. Where I come from, that’s cutting. Also the smoking, ugh. One of my favorite things about Dland – no smoking. As we left hubby and I agreed that we probably wouldn’t visit the amusement park again. We enjoy the restaurant and the little gift stores outside the park and I think we will go back to see those occasionally, but that’s it.

Beav seemed to enjoy the day though and that’s what is important.

Protected: Passive….Aggressive Much?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Thanksgiving Pics

I’m too lazy/tired to do a real post, so here are some pics from Thanksgiving

Someone stop this ride, I want to get off.

The last week has been really hard. Crap with Beav has taken it’s toll on me. I feel like an ineffective parent who has screwed everything up.

Tonight I was dealt another blow. It is my own doing and I am hating myself for it. I had been looking at returning to school full time next semester at a local private college. The college offers a weekend program that follows a traditional program but you attend classes every third weekend. It is extremely intense and you can’t miss one weekend if scheduled classes during the semester. It is also expensive, however with hubby’s new job it was likely that we would he able to pay out of pocket for it.

BTW…totally need to blog about hubby’s job situation….next time.

Naturally I missed the deadline to register. By a week. I missed it because my priorities are so fucked up that I wasn’t paying attention. I sit here thinking that once again I have really screwed up. Once again I have let things fall to the wayside. Things that should have been on the top of my list.

This thing though…this is big. School was so important to me. Without it I feel like I am going nowhere. And that is a horrible way to feel. I feel like for the past several months I have been treading water trying to just keep up and I am failing miserably.

I know that it is time once again to re-examine my priorities. I know that I need to get down to the nitty gritty. What are my goals and what am I doing to achieve them?

I might not like what I find.

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