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What’s your status?

The other day I saw someone wearing a t-shirt about Facebook.  I don’t recall what it said word for word but the gist was that people who are always posting status updates about how wonderful their lives are, are full of crap.

It made me think.  I have friends who, for the most part, always post about how wonderful and fantastic their lives are.  And I’m okay with that.  Because for the most part they have wonderful lives.  They also have bad days, fight with their partners, lose their jobs, experience the death of a loved one, and other stressful and sad events.  And they occasionally post about those things and I’m okay with that too.

However, if we are good friends, I don’t need Facebook to know those things about you.  Because we’re friends.  We socialize, connect, talk, see each other face to face when possible and we have conversations.  I know when a friend is experiencing a hard time because I hear it from the source.

So…why do some begrudge those who mostly post positive updates?  Is it jealousy?  Do those of us reading the update and having a less than stellar day feel even worse after reading about those new shoes you bought, or the flowers someone sent you?

Personally, I want to hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly, but if all of your posts are about how horrible your life is, perhaps it’s time to spend less time on Facebook and more time improving your life.  There is nothing wrong with venting, I love doing it on Facebook.  But when I do it’s mostly geared at an anonymous person I’ve encountered during my day rather than someone I know in real life.   And if I vent about my husband or my kids I can assure you that I vented directly to the individual in question before I posted it on Facebook.

Nobody likes the passive aggressive poster.

Twitter, with status updates limited to 140 characters and the ability to remain anonymous, is a great tool to use when you feel the need to be inappropriate, are having an exceptionally horrible day, or just want to say something out loud that perhaps your family and close friends don’t want to hear.  Twitter is a great tool to promote your business as opposed to the fifty status updates clogging my Facebook timeline.   Depending on how you use it Twitter is a perfectly acceptable venue to tell the world that you hate your job and everyone you work with.  Just make sure your account is anonymous.  And don’t use a picture of yourself.  And lock your account.

The last thing I’m going to say about this is don’t let Facebook take the place of REAL relationships.  If everything you know about your friends is because of what you read on Facebook, that should indicate to you there is an issue.  Of course there are times when Facebook is the easiest way to stay in touch—especially for family and loved ones that live far away.  Take some time to skype, instant message or even Facebook chat to reach out.

Have a great weekend.

And then post about it on Facebook so I can “like” it.

I seriously encourage you to never contact me again

As I mentioned yesterday I’ve been dealing with drama. What is with people? Let’s take person number one. This is a person that I haven’t seen in several months and even then it was at a fundraiser. At one time she was a participant in our girlfriend dinners but she kind of went off the radar. Plus she was close to someone that significantly burned her bridges with me. That really normally isn’t an issue but there were lots of rumors going around, he said/she said kind of crap. Anyway, this particular person was on my twitter and facebook account although in reality I can’t say we were really friends any longer.

And this is a big gripe of mine. Occasional commenting on Facebook does not a friendship make. Facebook should really just be a compliment to a real friendship or a way to stay connected to someone that lives a distance away. It should never take the place of REAL FRIENDSHIP. So…if you and I only chat on Facebook and we never see each other in real life, even though we live five minutes away from each other, it’s not a REAL friendship. So imagine my surprise when I get this lengthy email on Facebook about how this person is hurt that she isn’t invited to the open house we had on Sunday night. I didn’t respond because I just didn’t think it was necessary. Plus I am blessed to not have that trait that forces me to have the last word.

On Monday when I checked this site I could see that she unfollowed me on twitter. If you’ve never used that site you’re losing out. It has a great call out feature and when I saw that she unfollowed me I used it. It said something along the lines of “not really concerned that insert name here unfollowed me, their loss, not mine.”

Wow, you should have seen the response I received to that. Do you know that if someone is not your friend on Facebook they can still email you? That’s seriously jacked up. And this email was worse than the one before. I mean it really bordered on something you would receive from someone that might not be all there, if you know what I mean.

I just don’t get it. This person and I have maybe spoken twice in ALL of 2010. That does not a friendship make.

I love social networking. I adore social networking. But it doesn’t take the place of real relationships. I wish more people would get that.

Enough of the drama already.

BTW…I did respond to the second email. The response to that email is the title of this entry.

What you missed….

I took yesterday off of work, just because. I just needed a day for me. I felt pretty selfish for doing it too. I ran some errands, found my Halloween costume, spent some money and then met a friend for happy hour. It was a good day and really what I needed. I also took a break from facebooking and twitter. Nobody really missed me (obviously I’m just really not needed there). However I found myself twitching all day wanting to send my little 140 character updates. So…for awhile I just started keeping track of them. And now I can see why nobody missed me.

The one thing I don’t like about weight watcher recipes is that they tend to use a lot of tomato sauce, d then all you taste is tomato sauce, no matter how many spices you add.

It appears I have lost my driver’s license

Yep, I’ve lost it

Note to self: When reaching for flat iron, be sure you’re reaching for the handle before you pick it up….ouch.

Great, if I want to make an appointment to replace my driver’s license the first availability is 11/22. Are you kidding?

I can’t help Beaver with his Earth Science homework because I have never made a topographic map in my entire life.

I’m a horrible mother because I made Beav unfriend his step sister on FB. However, she posts inappropriate things and he doesn’t need to see that

I bought my Halloween costume….at Fredericks of Hollywood…..what does that say about me?

But it’s cute….and it’s a flapper….and it covers my ass (barely)

The DMV is open but if you don’t have an appointment the line is wrapped around the front of building….I’m passing on this today

I can’t login to work because apparently I kept putting in the wrong password and now I’ve locked myself out #FAIL

Why do some men behave as if they’ve never seen breasts before

Even though I can’t play I’d love to have a piano in my house…I’d learn I swear I would

Dear man at the crosswalk…hitting the button repeatedly doesn’t make it change faster, it just makes me want to punch you

Stepdaughter told Beav that she could reconnect w/him via FB, you live less than 20 miles away, reconnect in person

What is the origin of your Twitter screen name?

A long time ago I was with a group of my girlfriends and we were teasing one about her love for rhinestones and we told her if she had a nickname it would be rhinestone cowgirl. Of course then we all discussed what each other’s “cowgirl” nickname would be and mine was divacowgirl because I was the oldest of the group and the most “divaish” in terms of confidence, etc (comes with being old). It stuck and now I have diva jewelry and someone once even sent me a tiara that says “diva.”

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