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It’s Not That Hard to be Nice

A little over a year ago I discovered this awesome chick on twitter and quickly became a fan of herblog.  When I saw today’s post directing me to the Mom Pledge I heeded the call.

Bullying and more importantly the effects of bullying resonates with me.  I don’t really remember being bullied as a child or teen, although I’m sure there were tough times, but I see Beav deal with it constantly.  Do you know that bullying is one of the most common causes of suicide among teenagers?  That completely breaks my heart.

This pledge also resonated with me because recently I’ve had to deal with some horrible gossip and untruths that someone I thought I could trust has been sharing about me.  This person isn’t a mom, but I don’t think that matters.  How we, as women, treat each other COUNTS.  Our children are watching.  In the past several years I’ve seen too many women tear each other down.  I’ve seen moms “compete” as to who is a better parent, whose child is more successful, I even see moms compete as to who IS MORE BUSY???  That is just crazy.

So please check out this page and take the pledge.  We all can benefit from always striving to be a better person.