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Happy Birthday to me

In case you missed it last Saturday was my birthday.  It’ okay, I am sure your gift is on its way.  Hubby and I were tossing around ideas about what to do on my birthday.  His plan was flying to Catalina for the day.

A couple of problems with that – I don’t like small planes and I’m not a big fan of Catalina Island.  It’s ok, but I didn’t think it was birthday worthy.

Palm Springs is one of my favorite places.  I will admit that this time of year, it’s hot, but it was still my first choice.  My goal was to spend the holiday weekend lying by a pool with a drink in my hand and maybe booking a massage.  I got a killer deal on Priceline so on Saturday we headed out.   It was hot, but the pool was awesome and the massage was great.  The only downside was getting sick on Sunday evening.  Sore throat, headache, congestion – couldn’t figure if I was sick or just having a severe allergy attack. The massage probably exacerbated things but it was worth it.

Overall it was a great birthday and I am thankful to my family for making sure it was a wonderful weekend.

Started the drive with a special cookie from hubby

Birthday dinner is off to a good start

This is my birthday gift from hubby.  It’s a Tiffany ring.  Tricky hubby hid it in a box that held a children’s donald duck ring.

Blowing out the birthday candle

Beav wishing me a Happy Birthday

And a really horrible picture of hubby and

So far, 43 isn’t bad :)