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I’ll be fine and dandy

If I were to make a New Year’s Resolution one of them would be to post here regularly.

The holiday season is here.  I wasn’t ready at all this year.  The move had a lot to do with it.  It just seemed like everything snuck up on me.  I hate that. I’m normally the one that has all the gifts purchased by November.  Not this year.



We’ve been in our house now for almost two months.  We literally have a basement full of boxes that we still need to go through.  Somewhere in those boxes are all of my measuring cups, measuring spoons, and my good kitchen knives.  My sister in law lent me a few measuring cups to get me through but I seriously need to find the rest of my kitchen stuff.

We definitely scaled down our  holiday stuff this year.  I didn’t put as much decorations up.  It just seemed silly to go all out when Christmas is only two weeks away.  Plus I’d rather spend my energy actually unpacking my regular stuff. Oddly I’m okay with this more low key approach although I will admit I’m beyond sad that we’re not having a holiday open house. It just seemed like too much to try to get something together.  I am dying to begin entertaining though. But I think that will have to wait until after the holidays.

One thing is for sure, this move was the best thing for us.  We are loving Portland and Oregon. Even with the non stop rain, which every local tells me is highly unusual, we still love it. We live in a great area with no shortage of great restaurants, food carts, and bars within walking distance. I’ll admit it’s hard to be motivated to cook when there are so many awesome options all around us.

Both my boys will be here for Christmas and I am beyond excited. It’s been awhile since we’ve all been in the same house together, especially for a holiday. We’re planning on a nice holiday dinner with my local family. The day after Christmas we’re heading out to Bend to spend time with my brother there.  I’m looking forward to a little bit of down time and spending time with family here in Portland and in Bend.

I feel as if I’ve been holding my breath for the past few months waiting for my life to really get going. There are times when I still feel a little like that but I am settling in and starting to understand that life is moving along whether I’m ready or not.  I just wish it would slow down a little.

Title taken from “Hard Candy Christmas” – Dolly Parton


“I’ll be fine and dandy Lord it’s like a hard candy Christmas I’m barely getting through tomorrow But still I won’t let Sorrow get me way down”

I was naming ocean liners while you were jumping ship

This week has been SO BUSY.  But all is good.  School is keeping me very busy and I have my first major Anatomy exam next Wednesday.  It is on four chapters and covers a lot of material.  The instructor has given us a study guide for each chapter and each study guide is two pages long.  OY. I love this class but at times I think it would have been more beneficial for me to take straight anatomy rather than anatomy and physiology.   I must also admit that I’m tempted to also take the follow-up class.  Fun stuff.

I have also been knee-deep in working with the drama department at Beav’s school to help raise funds for the program.  One of the art related academies at the school is hosting a big fundraiser in a week.  I’ve been making good use of all the business contacts here in town to secure some great silent auction gifts.  Last week at our booster meeting I asked the instructor how much money she would need a year to keep the program running.  She quoted me $6000 – $8000 so I set the goal at $10,000.  Now I have to figure out how to do that.  I think that maybe half I can get through grants and such.  The other half….I’m working on developing a fundraiser idea for the program.  Something that, if successful, could be an annual event the program becomes known for.  I tossed around some ideas last night with the hubby and I’m still brainstorming.  I’ve been trying to get some of the other parents to help but they’re finding it difficult to think big.  I love Tupperware, jewelry parties, and the like as much as the next person but that is not going to earn our program $10,000.

Right now I’m thinking…Monte Carlo night.  We’ll see where that goes.

I wanted to share a couple of websites with folks that I spend a lot of time on and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

First is  I finally gave in and checked it out.  Six hours later I was still at it.  I’ve been able to trace my dad’s side of the family back to when they came to this country.  I’ve had some struggles with my mom’s side of the family and am doing a lot of research on that.  I found out my great-aunt, whom I haven’t seen in forever, is still alive and lives hours away.  Her husband died in October of last year.  I was able to locate her phone number and am going to be giving her a call.

The second involves NPR.  Now for those of you who hear NPR and think, ugh, boring radio, YOU ARE SO WRONG.  First…..I once was involved with a NPR DJ and he was quite the experience…but that’s a story for a different kind of blog :) .  If you love discovering new music, especially Indie music check out one of my favorite sites KCRW.   I love listening to the eclectic 24 stream myself but the entire site is full of amazing music.  The best part – they make new albums available to listen to, online, in their entirely for a limited time.  That way you can really get a sense of whether or not this is an album you want to buy.  Plus they have apps for the droid and that other popular smartphone so you can listen on the go.  Please remember they are a public station so throw some financial support their way.

I’ve been up over three hours and haven’t showered.  I should go do that now.

Have a great day!


Coming to you from Arizona

So, um, what do you think of my new blog?

I’m officially “official.”  I can’t take credit for any of it.  I picked the artwork but other than that it was all the work of a good friend of mine.  I shall be eternally grateful.

Originally I had wanted to a VLOG for my first post but I’m tired, exhausted, pooped, wiped out..well you get the picture.  Currently I’m in Arizona.  Einstein’s first semester at college is officially over and we moved him out this morning.  I arrived last night and after a nice meal with Einstein I headed back to the hotel.  And barely slept a wink.  I hate that I have trouble sleeping in hotels especially when it’s a nice big bed that I have all to myself.

I brought my bike with me to Arizona because a)I haven’t been riding all week; b)my legs needed serious stretching out after the gazillion squats my trainer made me do; and c)because I told my trainer I would do it.  So at 5:30 this morning I woke up determined to go for a ride.  And then I looked at the temperature.  Thirty-one degrees!!!  And have I mentioned Flagstaff is at 7,000 feet elevation

But I did it anyway.  And then I moved Einstein out.  Down six flights of stairs.  Going down stairs, carrying boxes, is still quite the workout.

It wasn’t that bad though.

Took up most of the back seat of the truck and a majority of the bed.

We left Flagstaff and headed to Jerome.  I love Jerome.  Even more important I love a restaurant in Jerome named Grapes.  Best restaurant ever!!!!  We walked around Jerome for a bit.  It’s my third time there so I’ve pretty much seen everything.  Or at least I thought so until I spied this backyard.

Seriously, how cool is that?

I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my backyard.  I’m just sayin’………..

Please be patient while I familiarize myself with word press.  It will be an uphill climb.

Wordless Wednesday – Fun with my nieces and nephews