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I’ll take a Streetcar with a shot of frosting please.

Today I did some more exploring of my new home town. I had planned to do some yesterday but I made the mistake of downloading Windows 10 on my laptop and Chrome wasn’t happy about that so my Saturday was spent completely wiping my laptop.

Good times.

This morning I woke up feeling as if I had actually rested last night.  Rest is something that has been eluding me for the past couple of weeks. I have also been dealing with some horrible sciatic pain and this morning I woke up still hurting but not as bad as I have been. I started the day off making breakfast and then I took a 4 mile walk around the neighborhood.

I decided to explore downtown a bit today. I knew I wanted to go to Powell’s and I figured I might as well make that my focus for the day. Oregon drivers do not take kindly to California drivers and I believed the best course of action was to stick to public transportation once I got downtown. I found a place to park and walked to the nearest Portland Streetcar station.  20150816_140053


Here I am trying to blend in as a local among the tourists.

2015-08-16 18.32.22

I was very hungry and we immediately passed a mexican restaurant that called out my name. No really, it did. I heard it tell me I needed tacos.  Four street tacos to be exact.  The cashier asked me what kind of meat I wanted and I told her to make it a variety pack so I’m still not sure what the fourth one is but I’m going with Verde Chicken.  But it was good.

20150816_140946 20150816_140813


Across the street was a store that caught my attention. I was wishing that Beav was with me, he would have loved this place.  Vintage everything.

20150816_142939 20150816_142937

I also ventured into a Goodwill.  This is not your mother’s Goodwill. In the market for a gently used designer purse, dress, or pair of shoes?  This is the place to go.  I had to keep telling myself “wait until you have a job.”  Which, by the way, has pretty been my motto for two weeks now.



I ended up walking to Powell’s from here.  20150816_150009Powell’s is a dangerous place for me because I love books.  Especially cookbooks and they have sooooooooooooooooo many to choose from. What I really wanted though was a Portland street map. I also picked up this fun book.


I did some more exploring via the Streetcar and decided it was time for a beer because well, duh, I’m in Portland where good beer is EVERYWHERE.  I stopped at Bridgeport Brewery and enjoyed a double red on their patio which was formerly a dock.20150816_155314 I didn’t take a picture of the beer, sorry.

While I was out I thought I’d grab some cupcakes for dessert. I hit up Cupcake Jones.  I had to talk myself out of getting a frosting shot, and yes that’s exactly what you think it is. A small cup of frosting.  Mmmmm.  Instead I picked up these beauties.

20150816_191303They were a lot prettier before I knocked the box over.

Then it was time to venture back to my truck because I had only paid for three hours parking.  I didn’t see as much as I wanted to but that’s okay.  I’ve promised myself that I would always stop and look at anything I find interesting when I’m out on my exploring adventures.

I’ll leave you with a few more pictures I took.

2015-08-16 18.28.30

2015-08-16 18.29.56 2015-08-16 18.30.49 2015-08-16 18.31.28

I’d say this was a successful #SundayFunday.